OOZELLES: Self-titled: LP

This is a slinky record with a lot of unusual turns. The album begins with “Secret Door,” a song with an aggressive groove driven by drums and congas accented by punches of avant-garde saxophone. The second song, “Fangs,” is my favorite. It’s an upbeat “begin your summer evening” jumper with a solid keyboard melody framing a bit of punk Prince bravado. The album finds a similar jump-step with the bass holding down the melody at the source of “Can’t Get Out.” Overall, the album resurrects a few ’80s party guitar sounds generally adorned with multi-cultural grooves, a nice variety of instrumentation, and an occasional avant-garde sax riff lurking in the shadows. A few nice soundscapes are evoked along the way as well. It doesn’t always hit with me, but it’s a very creative band. I hope they are favorites at sweaty house shows. –Billups Allen (Org. Music)