ONE SINGULAR DATE, 4” x 5”, perfect bound, 46 pgs.

May 31, 2017

This is the story about a violent act that happened over a decade ago permanently changing a man’s life forever. The title refers to the night it happened and how nothing has been the same after it. Ryan Fletcher was jumped by twelve people who beat him and left him for dead. He still deals with constant pain and his “brain only works the way (he’d) like it to part of the time.” This zine is him attempting to speak about the incident, what happened surrounding it, and the fleeting support from his punk and activist communities to the severe PTSD he’d experienced out on the streets after dark. Over fifteen years ago, I survived a brutal attack by Nazi skinheads that left me not with constant pain, but permanent damage to my right eye. As I read, I nodded my head in sad empathy, understanding feelings of betrayal, paranoia, despair he describes. It’s not easy to talk about your trauma or to deal with it. This is a brave zine and a story that needs to be listened to. –Craven Rock (Secret sailor Press,

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