ONE SCLEROSIS: AN M.S. STORY, $6, 5½” x 8½”, laser printed, 32 pgs.

Oct 05, 2016

This graphic memoir chronicles author Chris Kill’s first few months after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. The title of the zine sets the tone, joking, “Multiple sclerosis? Why couldn’t I get just, like, one sclerosis?” Twenty-one years young, the author notices tingling in his hands one day, and after reluctantly going to the hospital, he is diagnosed with MS. What follows are daily injections, numbness, vertigo, nausea, weakness, and a general blow to his self worth. In the foreword, the author explains that through the comic strip style format he was able to go through a sort of catharsis, expressing his frustrations and trials in learning to deal with his illness. One Sclerosis is an honest and realistic account of learning to live with an invisible illness, and how to be strong and take control of your life. –Tricia Ramos (One Sclerosis: An M.S. Story, 11051 Grassy Glen Dr., Houston, TX 77064,

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