One Punk's Guide to Sponsor a Space

One Punk’s Guide to Getting Anywhere Sponsored to Receive 25 Free Copies of Every Issue of Razorcake, by Daryl

Mar 05, 2020

Every punk deserves a free Razorcake.

It’s not just a sticker. It’s not just a hyperbolic statement we love to throw around to make us sound cool. It’s a mission, it’s a goal, it’s the world we want to live in. Obviously we think everyone who might want a Razorcake deserves a free one, but the punks will know where to get ’em. Before we formally began to develop our free distribution program, we sent magazines to both independent and corporate distributors and hoped they’d do the leg work.

Back before I started doing my time here, I was a teenage dirtbag closing the gap on my own, magazine stuffed underneath my jacket sneaking around the watchful eyes of the Borders staff. But almost twenty years later we say no more! No more wholesale, no more retail, no more standing around reading as many record reviews as you can until an employee raises their voice at you because this “isn’t a library!” Fuck you! You wish this was a library! Every punk deserves a free Razorcake, and this article will hopefully show you how we can make this possible for everyone.

A sample box of Sponsor a Space Razorcakes

What do we need?

To mail a box of 25 copies to anywhere in the USA, we need $25. To send a full year’s worth of issues somewhere, we need $150. 6 issues, multiplied by $25 is $150. This $150 is tax-deductible.

You can send us $150 via Paypal ([email protected]), well-concealed cash, check or money order (Razorcake, PO Box 42129, LA, CA 90042), or with a credit card through our webstore.

After we receive the money, all we need is a contact name and address, and the free mags will begin to flow.

This money can come from anyone! A member of the community who wants to share the joy of free print punk zines, a business owner who wants to reward their patrons for coming to their establishment, someone who does mailorder and wants to throw copies in orders, a show promoter who wants to give copies away at shows they throw, teachers give ’em to your pupils, doctors give ’em to your patients. Why every independent record and book store in the country isn’t sponsored kinda baffles me, and those are just the most obvious places that should be getting Razorcake. There is no wrong way to do this. There’s no wrong way to promote DIY punk!

Are you the link in the chain who can make this happen? If you can afford $150 once a year and give a shit: the answer is yes, yes you are.

What if $150 is too much at the moment?

We feel ya! Isn’t this always the case? “Not enough money and too much heart.” But there are ways to sponsor a spot without having to sacrifice the month’s grocery (or beer!) budget.

Through Paypal you can sign up for a $25 a month donation plan, which will automatically withdraw $25 a month and sends it over to us. If you sign up for this, you can actually sponsor two spots! You can find this plan here.

Throw a benefit show! The Revolution Café in Bryan, Texas threw a benefit show and raised $375. This money was able to sponsor them for two and a half years! If you throw a benefit show, let us know, and we’ll plug it on social media.

How to set up an online fundraiser for a Sponsor-a-Space

Do an online fundraiser! Remember the soul-sucking trashfire that is Facebook? Well, sometimes people use it to pass a virtual hat around and collect some cash for us. > “Select Nonprofit” > Search “Razorcake” and set the goal for $150. Just drop us a line and let us know how it goes.

Hell, maybe you can talk your job into footing the bill! Remember, this $150 is tax deductible.

The Print Counter-Attack

Our collective psyche hangs in a perilous situation. We’ve been told we need to choose technological advances over personal preferences. Well, my personal preference is in the physical format because I feel I make more of a connection to it, and I find pleasure in it. And if art and entertainment aren’t about connection and pleasure, what are they about? What do I gain from choosing immediacy over connection?

If you even remotely enjoy print zines, now is the time to support. Now is the time to make one. Be part of the counter-attack. Sponsor a space and have a box of tangible DIY culture show up once every two months to be given away. Think of the impact twenty-five zines can have. There’s power in it because we believe in it. We believe in it because there is power in it!