Dec 06, 2019

I like pleasant surprises. One Minute Run’s self-titled debut EP is one such thing. I wasn’t expecting much considering I’m an old, jaded music reviewer. But there is a pop punk sensibility that is overridden by Hot Water Music-like gruff vocals mixed in with some cleaner male and female vocals. I also hear some old Quicksand in here at times, but it’s subtle, primarily in the guitars and drumming. (This is ironic because they have a song titled “Quicksand.”) Also, all six songs are filled with catchy hooks. I found myself humming parts of the vocals when I was out and about the other day. At first I was like, “Really? Am I going to have this stuff stuck in my head? Fuck!” But then I gave in to One Minute Run’s mix of pop punk and emo and realized it was pretty damn sweet. –Kurt Morris (Self-released,