Ben Snakepit - illustration by Ben Snakepit

One Hundred Columns for Razorcake By Ben Snakepit, 112 pgs.

May 24, 2022

Ben Snakepit has been drawing three-panel comics about his day for over twenty years. And despite how mundane or boring his day was, his zines (later turned books) were hard to put down. It’s not that they’re drawn great (Ben is actually a very good illustrator despite what his comics look like or what he tells you), they are very charming comics with humor, self-reflection, spite, and charm. Ben shocked the masses when he started doing a full page comic in Razorcake back in 2003. I for one would get a new Razorcake in the mail or from a touring band’s merch table, and immediately check out his comic.

Now you can get all one hundred of Ben’s one-pagers that are funny, educational, insightful, and sometimes absolutely pointless in one collection! In One Hundred Columns for Razorcake, Ben can teach you how to make migas, a bong out of every day home items, or how to act when you’re sleeping on someone’s floor. Ben was trendsetting in 2004 by doing listicles before they were even a thing. You could always tell when Ben wasn’t sure what to write about when a “Top Ten” graced the page.

To Ben’s own admittance, a chunk of these comics are pretty half-assed. And sometimes, those turn out to be ones people remember. Ben owns up to inaccuracies, bad taste in beers, and past crappiness with current commentary on each page. There are also a couple of really heartwarming comics about the late Lance Hahn, who Ben was in J-Church with. The collection is a solid afternoon read. I can finally throw away all these back issues of Razorcake. And hey Ben, what did Icheb from Star Trek: Voyager ever do to you, you monster? How would you act if your parents sacrificed you to the Borg twice!? –Rick V (Silver Sprocket,

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