OMEGAS: Power to Exist: LP

Mar 22, 2017

I imagine a lot of folks have been waiting on this follow-up to their Blasts of Lunacy LP. Those who were waiting with baited breath shouldn’t be disappointed, as this record comes from a very similar place. References to the first two Warzone LPs are still pretty accurate, but this record has more of a damaged vibe to it than their earlier LP. It’s good to see a band progressing without totally abandoning the sound they perfected earlier. Something about it still feels referential but not really in a way that cheapens it, just in a way that you can tell they were listening to the Germs when they wrote this record. There are moments that are a little too familiar in songs like “Deep or Wild” that give you that eerie feeling of not quite being able to “put your finger on it,” but those moments are few and far between and act as sort of a breathing moment in the otherwise total whirlwind of the music here. The only real weak part of the record is the vague lyrical content, but I mean… it’s a hardcore record from 2016. Do people even read lyric sheets anymore? –Ian Wise (Beach Impediment)

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