OLIVIA NEUTRON-JOHN: “Injury Train and I’m Never Getting Off It” b/w “Vulnerability”: 12” single

Sep 20, 2017

The first few minutes of the A-side consist of three synthesizer notes and a shitty drum machine with someone wailing over it for a while. Other sounds happen later. I don’t know much about Yoko Ono, but this sounds like the person who made it maybe thinks that Yoko Ono is very cool. Which… okay, whatever. The flip side feels slightly more melodic, or maybe the first twenty-two-minute track has softened my brain and lowered my bar so far that I can’t tell anymore. This project is probably going for a post-noise/post-ambient/post-post-post-punk sound for whoever in the world has been waiting for that. I don’t know who sits down and puts this record on, but someone out there does. Congratulations, you’ve mystified the squares again. –Indiana Laub (Gilgongo, [email protected], gilgongorecords.com)