OLDSEED: Incredible Strides: CD

Sep 22, 2023

My internet research indicates this is German singer-songwriter Oldseed’s ninth studio album, but it’s the first that’s graced my ears. The thing about artists like this is that “singer-songwriter” is a woefully vague attribute to assign to such an act, but any more specific comparisons will depend on a listener’s particular tastes and may have no relevance for potential third parties when reports of the product are made, such as that with which we are engaged herein. So, the music on this is eclectic, to be sure—ranging from moody and melancholy tunes in the vein of Sam Russo to more jazzy numbers that strike me as what might happen if Frank Turner listened to too much piano bar jazz and Field Day-era Dag Nasty. Overall I thought this was a good record, yet there were moments at which I think a bit more production value would have been good, but that’s just me. –The Lord Kveldulfr (Breaking / Sabotage)

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