OLD FIRM CASUALS, THE: Self-titled: 12” EP

Jul 25, 2018

This is a re-issue of long-running Bay Area skinhead punks the Old Firm Casuals’ EP originally released in 2011. I was of course aware that this band features Lars Frederiksen (Rancid) on guitar and vocals but I was surprised to discover that the band also boasts two former members of Never Healed, a hardcore band that was especially gruesome sounding (no melodies, grunting vocals, my kind of band). Despite these contrasting differences, the Old Firm Casuals actually bang out some pretty fucking solid punk. Don’t let the Fred Perrys fool you: the spirit is rooted in Blitz but the sound is more akin to “Clash City Rockers.” Cuff up your jeans, polish your Docs, get your arse to the record shop, and demand this. –Juan Espinosa (Pirates Press, piratespressrecords.com)