OLD DEATH: Nothing Right: 7”

Dec 03, 2020

Described by their label as “Veterans of the punk wars and grunge reconstruction,” Old Death are a supergroup of Portland punks coming together to play punk rock the way it should be: angry and snotty, with a ton of great riffs, and slightly tongue-in-cheek political lyrics. Look no further than the title track “Nothing Right,” for some great riffs and a ton of acerbic mockery of our “kidnapper-in-chief” and the party which supports him. The band themselves are not above their own mockery, with the name Old Death sounding like a self-mocking jab at their ages. To me, it’s great to hear fellow punk rock lifers rocking out at any age, and it doesn’t get much better than Old Death. –Paul J. Comeau (Hovercraft, hovercraftdpx.com)