OLD CITY: Future Dead: 10”

Sep 17, 2018

Blindsided by another great band from Portland, Ore., a city that has yielded some of the best and darkest punk over the decades. From the Wipers to Poison Idea, Coldbringer to Long Knife, there’s a common thread. Old City continues that tradition of creating the soundtrack to a bleak present and desolate future. Reminiscent of Terrible Feelings, this music is dark and infectious, epic and raw. The three tracks on this EP evoke a sense of dread and doom, expressing frustration with modern life and the very real demons unleashed by a society that has evolved to spend the lives of the underclass in its perpetual wars. A society that has constructed a way of life for the populace to keep them complacent, a way of life that is really just an alternate form of subjugation, without true freedom. From the song “Open Sleep”: “The city’s cold and dead / With plastic tombs for rent / And in our arrogance / We’ll never live again.” And this is the value of great music: it helps us exorcise those very demons that threaten to destroy us. Listening to music like this and connecting with kindred spirits through the songs can give us a sense that we’re not alone in the daily struggle to live freely, to escape the clutches of that world that would bring us down. –Chad Williams (Old City, oldcity.bandcamp.com)