OI!L CHANGE: Unfinished: LP

Jan 24, 2024

With its tight songwriting and solid production, Unfinished certainly does not sound unfinished to me. Oi!l Change is a three-piece streetpunk band from Grand Rapids playing simple, sing-song anthem-driven punk with clean production. Unfinished is a polished debut LP, and a sign of a group that wisely took time before finalizing an album. With events like 40 Fest in Atlanta and groups like The Pist recording new material, it feels like a streetpunk revival is coming. It took two decades, but those of us who are still around from the peak of that movement are more than ready for its return. Oi!l Change has a funny name, but they’re not a joke band. Levity and fun are not mutually exclusive from serious craftmanship. Do not wait three months or 3,000 miles to get to this Oi!l Change. –Art Ettinger (Truckstop Toilet, ttrecords.us)

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