OFFENDERS: We Must Rebel: LP

May 24, 2022

I’m gonna come clean here: I was never super-into the Offenders. I appreciated that they played really fast and all, but there was just something about their sound that never really connected with me. Drums, bass, guitar, and vocals all seemed like they were working at cross purposes. The drums would thump along a million miles an hour with a lot of awkward tom rolls that made the songs kinda messy, the guitar was this sort of tinny holocaust that would sort of weave in and out of the mix, the bass did runs all over the place whether it helped the song or not, and the songs and vocals were certainly nothing special. I had plenty of friends who loved them, so obviously they were doing something right, but they were really kind of a swing and a miss with me. If I may continue to offend the Offenders, I like this remastered version even less than I liked the original 1983 album. I played both versions back to back, and I prefer the tinnier-sounding original. The less low end, the less the drums and bass run over the guitar, which was the best part of the band. I also liked the original cover better. I thought the red letters against the light gray was a sharp look. However, apart from not really liking the music, the cover, and the remastering, this is clearly a stone cold classic which you should purchase at once! BEST SONG: “Just for Fun.” BEST SONG TITLE: “Youth Riot.” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Tony of the Offenders was the first person I ever met who drank martinis, back when martinis were gross and nobody you knew drank them. –Rev. Nørb (Beer City,

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