ODIO SOCIAL / RADICAL FUN TIME: Social Time: Split 10”

Jan 05, 2022

Odio Social: Fuggin’ raging thrash from Brazil—zippy, tight-as-nails, gruff, and to-the-point. Fans of classic Brazilian hardcore like Olho Seco and Ratos De Porão will find much to love here. Radical Fun Time: Oddball hardcore with vocals that bounce from grunts to screeches. At first blush it all sounds like a piss take, but there’s a complexity in the song structures that sounds like some unholy union of early Iron Maiden gone hyper-thrash, Cacophony-era Rudimentary Peni, and the Muppets. Kinda fucks with your head after a bit, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. –Jimmy Alvarado (Dilapidated [email protected] / Fields Without Fences / Radical Fun, radicalfuntime.bandcamp.com)