ODD MAN OUT: Seattle Straight Edge: LP

Sep 26, 2019

A compilation of EPs from this band that is perfectly summed up by the name of the record. This one veers pretty heavily into the more mosh-y/two-step-y side of hardcore with some metallic leanings. Lots of straight-forward chugging riffs to nod along to (or pick up change if that’s still your thing). The recording owes more to Youth Of Today/Breakdown than it does anything more modern, which suits the songs well and gives them a rougher, punk edge that I appreciate. There’s one song about Motörhead and another about hating rich kids, but everything else is about the straight edge. These guys really love the straight edge. There’s one song I was pretty sure was about something else but then the last line is literally just “straight edge,” so I guess I was wrong. Recommended listening to genre enthusiasts and probably worth your time if you only like the less polished side of the genre. –Ian Wise (Refuse, refusemusic.com)