OBN IIIs: “Rich Old White Men” b/w “On the Verge of Collapse”: 7”

Sep 22, 2016

OBN IIIs continues to scorch a path from the swaggering fuck-you-punk (think The Humpers) of their early releases towards the muscular guitar heroics of Sonic’s Rendezvous Band to their more recent output. OBN IIIs have been trending the Detroit way since 2014’s Third Time to Harm LP, where front man and band namesake Orville Neely strapped on his guitar and dialed down his crowd-baiting antics. If anyone needs further evidence of OBN IIIs worship at the altar of SRB, I even saw members of the band play an SRB cover set. Both songs on this 7” are powerful, with a low end that doesn’t just punch, but kicks its way off your turntable. The vocals seem somewhat low in the mix so I have a hard time making out the words, but overall, another fine release from OBN IIIs and 12XU. –Sal Lucci (12XU)