O.C. RIPPERS: Wasteland: CD

Jan 05, 2022

East Coast punk heavily jigging on the line between Dead Boys and Dictators. The songs move at a peppy clip and the garage rock production adds some grit to their swank. –Jimmy Alvarado (Thirsty Mutant)

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NO LOVES: Plum Crazy: LP

September 20, 2017
Slavish devotees of the High Impact Paint colors found on Dodge® muscle cars of the early ‘70s (of which “Plum Crazy” was one, with “HEMI® Orange” probably being the best-remembered of the lot) (see also: Dukes of Hazzard, General Lee, et al), these Nashvillians don’t stray too far from the Nashville Pussy-or-maybe-Zeke-or-the-Supersuckers-styled whiskey-and-cocaine rock that thrilled audiences fifteen or twenty years ago (minus most of the whiskey and cocaine references; the only mention of either being the anti-blow “Eight Ball”), aimed in a more cars-and-girls direction. As cliché as this whole particular beat can be, the record never got so stupid that I got upset with its existence, which is certainly something, and the songs about girls are actually nice enough that I hadda wonder if these guys were all in pop punk bands who repented after seeing Nashville Pussy or Nine Pound Hammer or something like that back in the day. That said, the singer sounds significantly more convincing when he’s growling about automotive topics—”Hawg Ride,” “Mopar Man,” “Mud on the Tires”—than when he attempts to tunefully modify his growling to sing about gurlz—”I Can’t Sleep,” “Plum Crazy,” “I Wanna Be”—so plan accordingly. I don’t know that this record completely transcended the clichés of the genre for me, but they tried (slide guitar in “Mud on the Tires,” a veritable .38 Special-flavored guitar hero quasi-ballad with “I Wanna Be”), and I do like purple, so we’ll call it a draw. I wish Doug Evans was alive so I could re-gift this to him. BEST SONG: “Pickup Line,” or possibly “Mud on the Tires.” BEST SONG TITLE: “Plum Crazy.” As I said, I like purple. FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: The vinyl itself is, in fact, “plum crazy” colored. Way to stay on message! ¬–Rev. Nørb (Stiff Pole, stiffpolerecords.com)
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