NUNCHAKU MASTERS / D.F.C.: Nunchaku Masters vs. D.F.C.: Split CS

Jan 05, 2022

D.F.C. are the long-tenured lords of Brazilian thrash; the Nunchaku Masters are a Brazilian “kung fu thrash band” (presumably for those who thought that the regular, garden variety, un-kung fu thrash bands were simply casting too broad a net). This is a split cassette—five songs each side—done up in a ’90s Marvel vs. Capcom video game style. If that sounds like the kind of thing which tingles the very marrow in your bones, rejoice! Otherwise, I’ve run the numbers for the rest of you: The running time of D.F.C.’s five songs averages out to 1:15 each. The running time of the Nunchaku Masters songs, however, averages out to two full minutes. In light of these findings, I’m calling game, set, and match for D.F.C. Your kung fu is no good here! Come back one year! BEST SONG: Nunchaku Masters, “Intro.” BEST SONG TITLE: D.F.C., “O Pão Que O Diabo Vomitou.” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: The government fucks your ass and wipes a filthy cock across your face. –Rev. Nørb (Wasted Wax,

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