NOVOTNY TV: Das Volk Sind Wirr: LP

Feb 06, 2020

Apparently this is a reissue of this German band’s second LP that originally came out in 1998. Three vocalists, as far as I can tell: 1) Snotty Toy Dolls guy. 2) Danzig-like crooner fellow. 3) Creepy yowler chap. I think? They’re all threaded amongst keyboards, cartoonish melodies, loads of effects, joke songs, and brief flutters of AC/DC worship. Honestly, I can’t quite figure this thing out. They apparently cover Black Flag’s “TV Party” on here, though I couldn’t really tell. Not speaking German, I have zero idea what they’re shooting for here, but it really does sound like two or three different bands stacked together, and by the dirge at the end of the record I felt like I had wasps parked in my head. –Keith Rosson (Phantom,