Aug 02, 2017

When Nothington dropped their odds and ends collection Lost Along the Way in 2013, I assumed that kind of marked the end of the line for the band. Imagine my utter joy then, to find this baby in my review stack! Eleven tracks in total, In the End shows the band a little older and perhaps wiser and wearier than last remembered. The familiar gruff of the dual vocalists now roars in a more restrained and mournful manner. The album’s lyrical content is as thoughtful and introspective as ever and, again, point to a more mature worldview and general world weariness. The production and mix are next level as well—though as funny as it sounds to complain out loud about—I cannot get used to the sound of the snare drum which is a mushy poof rather than the crisp crack of a traditional-sounding snare drum throughout the entire CD. Small gripe, great disc. –Garrett Barnwell (Red Scare,