Nothing Means Nothing By Johnny Salas, 104 pgs.

Apr 10, 2019

As I look through this collection of photos that Johnny Salas has shot documenting the semi-professional wrestling scene in Phoenix, Ariz., I keep hoping to see a photo that will reel me in and help me understand what he loves about that world. As it stands, I feel like an outsider passing through on my way to somewhere else. The layout could use some improvement, as some shots are marred by the heart of the image disappearing into the gutter, sometimes the photos are too dark, and the paper these are printed on tend to flatten the image. While there are some decent photos, such as the skull faced wrestler stalking the area outside the ring, there are others that I have no idea why they were chosen, such as the one where we see the back of a wrestler and the left side of his opponent, but the story of what is happening is hidden between the two of them and not in view. You could argue it’s the mystery, but this image is not compelling enough to contemplate. I feel that Salas should have spent more time building up his images, getting more comfortable, and documenting a couple years longer. Some heavy editing and a better layout could also work wonders. –Matt Average (Tolsun,