NOTCHES: New Kinda Love: LP

Feb 06, 2020

New Hampshire’s Notches have been purveyors of hooky, poppy punk songs since their inception, and they’ve only gotten better over time. Here, their songwriting chops are in full effect as guitarist Ezra and bassist Zac switch off vocal duties in one gem after another, never relying on clichéd structures even as they recontextualize familiar tropes for new results. I always thought their debut High Speed Crimes would be the one I held in the highest esteem, what with the way drone connected all the songs to create mood. Here, though, the immediacy of Will Killingsworth’s production allows each band member the space to be heard and emphasizes the way all three members interact musically. If you like hooks, you won’t be disappointed. A triumph. –Michael T. Fournier (Salinas / Dead Broke)