NOSTRILS, THE: Undaunted: 7”

May 24, 2022

I imagine Jason at Supreme Echo records like some kind of punk rock Indiana Jones, furrowing his brow while he stares at a map of Canada. Where to go next? What to unearth? In this case the answers are Winnipeg and The Nostrils. These guys started up in 1979 and lasted until the end of 1981. As with most punk rock bands in the western provinces of Canada in that timeframe, there was a heavy influence of D.O.A. and The Subhumans. The Nostrils are a little more akin to the latter in my opinion (which makes me like them even more). Sure, this eight-song offering may sound a little bit rougher than the average archival release, but I bet the team had to work magic with some beat-to-shit tapes. The result is great in its own right, but the overwhelming feeling of want for a proper studio recording to exist permeates the experience. Well, at least we have something. The booklet has a fresh interview with key members Bruce Hallet and Jim Simm (seriously, were the Simm brothers in every second band in this city?) and some photos and gig posters. While they may not be as well known as Personality Crisis or Stretch Marks, The Nostrils can definitely hold their own as a bastion of punk rock in The Peg. –Ty Stranglehold (Supreme Echo,

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