NOISY NEIGHBORS: Self-titled: 7” EP

Apr 08, 2019

Blazing grindcore (is there any other way?) from these Noisy Neighbors. Rapid-fire drumming chopping and blasting with abandon, rumbling low end holding it all together, while the guitar(s) create an abrasive din, propping up the dual vocal attack (deep and throaty to cranked-out, semi-high-pitched rager). Check out that ringing at the end of “Blood Blister” by the way. It’s a nice, effective way to end before barreling down with “Sick and Starving.” The opener, “Caffeinated Demise,” sounds insane as it kicks off with a beat that sounds like it’s collapsing on itself. You know you’re in for something good when you hear it. –Matt Average (Night Animal,