NOFX: Single: CD

May 25, 2021

This is not a concept record but there is a theme here: death. The first song is about the world ending. Then there is a song about a dude dying from cancer and another about almost overdosing on drugs. “Grieve Soto” is a nice tribute to the departed Adolescent. There is even a song about killing off one of their own songs forever (“Linewleum”). Gun violence is also another topic of a song that is twisted up like a pretzel when it’s all finished. So yeah, if you are scanning this for a “Bob” or “Bottles to the Ground,” keep flipping thru your stack. Single may take some time to take hold; in the meantime I will probably put on a Joy Division record after playing this to lift my spirits. –Sean Koepenick (Fat Wreck,

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