NOFX: Ribbed Live in a Dive: LP

Nov 26, 2018

Looks like Fat resurrected the Live in a Dive series and first up we have NOFX doing their Ribbed LP in its entirety. First of all, I wouldn’t call the Mayan Theater in downtown Los Angeles a dive, but I will give them a pass. It’s a little weird that this was recorded six years ago, but, hey, I have another pass to give. So, literally, this is a track-by-track recreation of the original album which I really find to be a definitive classic and certainly one of the highlights of the band’s vast catalog. So is this needed or any kind of improvement on the original? Well no, but I suspect that wasn’t the point. At this point, NOFX don’t have to explain shit, and you know what? This six-year-old recording revisiting an album released in 1991 stacks up just fine against most anything else that comes across my turntable lately, so I say fuck yeah and why not? It’s a great way of bringing back a pretty cool series, if you ask me. –Garrett Barnwell (Fat,