NOFX / FRANK TURNER: West Coast vs. Wessex: CD

Dec 03, 2020

Frank Turner is an English singer/songwriter type of whom I was utterly ignorant. He sounds like a more yelly Jazz Butcher. NOFX I trust you’re familiar with. This album consists of NOFX covering five Frank Turner songs, followed by Frank Turner doing five NOFX songs. I will freely admit that the strength of Mr. Turner’s songwriting did lend occasional patches of semi-listenability to the NOFX portion of things—until they’d kick in with some fast part, at which point they would slide immediately back into those horrible-sounding cookie-cutter NOFX drums and I went back to plugging my ears, as usual. Somewhat shockingly, Frank Turner’s half of the album did not appear to be hampered at all by the fact that he was covering NOFX songs—those songs sounded damn genius in his hands! “Eat the Meek” comes off sounding like something off of the fourth (?!) Psychedelic Furs album, while “Falling in Love” makes “Glow Girl” by The Who seem half-baked and half-assed. I was left reeling, asking myself why it is that NOFX songs can sound this good when someone else records them, but sound like such garbage when NOFX record them? Oh well, like some alleged world leader said about the pandemic, “It is what it is.” Thanks for turning me on to Frank Turner and all, but if this disc were really a prizefight as the cover graphics make it out to be, NOFX would be face down on the canvas in a puddle of their own drool midway thru the sixth round. BEST SONG: “Falling in Love.” BEST SONG TITLE: “Thatcher Fucked the Kids.” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Frank Turner has “BORN TO RUN” tattooed on his tummy. At least it’s not his butt. –Rev. Nørb (Fat,