NO WARNING: Torture Culture: LP

Jan 31, 2018

After traversing the worlds of power pop, glam, bedroom projects, commercially successful punk, and god knows what else, Ben Cook returns full circle to the mosh royalty of No Warning. Torture Culture is as relentless as they come, a brutal onslaught of slam-worthy, tinnitus-inducing anthems that tackle maintaining one’s own mental health in this maddening society, while sounding like the aural accompaniment to a street brawl. It’s not all bludgeoning though; a heavy Type O Negative / Faith No More influence flows through out the album. While the early ‘90s vibe might not be for everyone, when that groove hits you, it just feels so right. Who made the most belligerent, knuckle-dragging masterpiece of 2017? I’m going with No Warning. Luv the Guv. –Daryl (Bad Actors, [email protected])