Jul 20, 2022

Damn. I haven’t heard these guys since their No Braces EP, and apparently they’ve been working on some scorchers. Reminds me a lot of the controlled chaos of Direct Hit! I really respect that these dudes are swinging for the fences lyrically. They’re coming for fascism and police states with lyrics like, “No boot lickers / no swastikas / all we need is more No Triggers,” and, “Guess the bad guys thought they could do without / an anti-nazi eagle scout,” both appearing in the song “Antifantasy.” I listened to it at least six times in a row on my first play through. It almost feels wrong to enjoy a song so much that is about such fucked up parts of America. They keep that energy coming throughout the record, like drinking from a fire hose. The very next track comes out with sick ska hooks as if it was a long lost Op Ivy b-side. These songs are all from an upcoming record called Dr. Album that should be out sometime this year. I recommend grabbing this in the meantime. The songs are just too good. Plus there is one song that is exclusive to this EP release. What have you got to lose? –Kayla Greet (Red Scare)