NO STATIK: Mysterious to Ourselves: LP

Apr 08, 2019

After nearly a decade of dropping jaws with their live performances and blessing our undeserving asses with an assortment of recorded output, Oakland’s beloved No Statik are putting a bow on their existence with one last album. In true No Statik fashion, one side of this record flows in the traditional vein of hardcore punk while the other side throws you for a loop with an outtake, an interlude, and an atmospheric soundscape track for the finale. It should be noted that No Statik members have served time in a number of highly influential bands (and even some that are slightly less-regarded), such as Artimus Pyle, Scholastic Deth, Look Back And Laugh, Memento Mori, and others. Given their track record and their legacy as mainstays in the punk/hardcore scenes, it’s safe to say that No Statik may be gone but certainly won’t be forgotten soon, and that their grave will surely only sprout new projects and bands. I, for one, am excited to see what’s next. –Juan Espinosa (Iron Lung,


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