NO PROBLEM: Let God Sort ‘Em Out: LP

Sep 17, 2018

The last I heard of these guys was on their fantastic 2011 LP, And Now This, which was a ferocious salvo of long-winded hardcore songs reminiscent of early Fucked Up. They’ve been busy in the interim, with a few EPs and at least one other full-length, and my absence comes across as a pretty profound lapse in judgment, because these guys are good. It’s years later and while there’s still a few slow-burners on here (“Eyes of a Killer” tops the four-minute mark, which is unfortunate), Let God… shows the band mostly trimmed down to muscle and teeth, with their hard edges grown even more splintered and jagged. It’s an acerbic and fractured record, tightly wound as hell; this is a band that appears to have only gotten meaner over time. –Keith Rosson (Deranged)