NO FRIENDS #3, $6.50, 8” x 10½”, newsprint, 120 pgs.

Aug 25, 2016

There is so much awesome in this zine I don’t know how to handle it. It’s honestly overwhelming in the best possible way. No Friends’ latest issue offers interviews with bands like Jamie & The Debt, Börn, Shopping, and record label Halo Of Flies. But No Friends is willing to boldly go outside of the typical territories of DIY punk fanzines, including interviews with the composer of the It Follows soundtrack, Disasterpeace; the creator of Cinema Sewer, Robin Bougie; and comedians Kyle Kinane and Caitlin Gill. Plus, there’s an article about skating in North Korea, a plethora of op-eds, and countless record reviews. I don’t mind the newsprint stains on my fingers because every page is chock-full of insights and entertainment. Oh, I forgot to mention that this issue also includes a flexi disc featuring Violence Creeps, TV Slime, Shockwaves, and Bleeding Gums. If you’re reader of Razorcake or Maximum Rock’n’roll, which I assume you are, then a No Friends’ subscription makes perfect sense. –Sean Arenas (No Friends,, PO Box 12343 Chicago, IL 60612)