NO EXPOSURE #3, $3, 5½” x 8½”, 50 pgs.

Aug 16, 2017

Aside from the cover (on which a dude drinks beer from a sneaker) this zine from Perth, Australia, was written entirely by typewriter with neat borders and tiny text boxes. Nearly every page features intimate photos shot on the writer’s Olympus OM-1, a camera “that a guy at work gave [him] for free.” He reviews twenty-nine albums and a book, interviews Daniel Lupton, the head of Sorry State Records (among other things, Lupton makes a good argument for not reprinting classic records), talks with power crusters Territory, and assembles a great guide to Tokyo’s record stores. I can’t believe one guy’s doing all this, but he is. At one point, the author laments that Perth has “a load of art student/‘per’-zines” and not enough “music-centric punk ‘zines,” but holy shit, if Perth has only one music zine as beautiful and content-thick as No Exposure, that’s still pretty good. Only $3. Recommended. –Jim Joyce (No Exposure, PO Box 284, Maylands, WA 6931, Australia)