NO END IN SIGHT: Faded Memories: CD

May 23, 2018

No End In Sight is a Québécois punk band active since 2014. Its work ranges from pop punk to skate punk, and has been fleshed out between a small handful of albums and EPs. Faded Memories was released in late 2017. The vocals are nasally and obnoxious and their delivery, persisting throughout the album, bothered me endlessly. Some of the instrumentation in songs such as “Lobotomy” is explosive and impressive, but the guitar work throughout most of the album is monotonous and derivative. The drumming in this release is genuinely skilled and appropriate, but it only serves to highlight how dull and tedious the guitar is. This album is generally uninteresting and occasionally cringe-worthy. Diehard pop punk fans may enjoy it, but, generally, this record is not worth spending one’s time on. –Anna Farr (Morningwood,