NIX QUARTERLY #10, $5, 8½” x 11”, printed, 28 pgs.

Jan 30, 2019

I’ve now read a handful of the Nix published comics and they seem to be steadily improving. The caliber of art in this issue (special shout out to Gideon Kendall for his gorgeous contribution) is a dramatic improvement over other offerings I’ve seen from the same publisher. There are a few real winners in this issue, specifically the first two stories. Weirdly, I found myself bored by the cover story, a tale of fighting werewolves in a bar, but they can’t all be winners. It’s maybe a bit odd that the best two stories are right in the front of the book. At this rate, I have no doubt that Nix is well on their way to being a reliable source for quick, easy-to-get-into anthology comics like this. –Gwen Static (Nix Comics,