NIP DRIVERS: Fox on the Run: 7”

May 23, 2017

The Nip Drivers were one of those early ‘80s L.A. punk bands that managed to disarm any hostility caused by an offensive name—and often even more offensive lyrical content—with smart, slyly poppy hardcore that straddled a line drawn between Redd Kross and, say, Bad Religion. The two comp rarities here—a cover of Sweet’s “Fox on the Run” from the Desperate Teenage Lovedolls soundtrack and “E.Y.O.B.,” from the When Men Were Men…And Sheep Were Scared comp (though technically the latter also counts as a track from their second, and final, album, Oh Blessed Freak Show)—are a nice, brief showcase of the band channeling both sides, making a glam classic their own personal punk classic and turning a chorus of “eat yourself out baby” into something of an anthem of its own. Once existed a time when punk reveled in its own irreverent obnoxiousness, when folks knew the diff between being a nazi prick and working overtime at pissing people off for the sheer entertainment value. This band is of that time, and this “new” single is the band at likely their most accessible. –Jimmy Alvarado (Slope)