NIP DRIVERS: Fox on the Run: 7” single

Aug 02, 2017

Cool single reissuing their Sweet cover that originally appeared on the Desperate Teenage Lovedolls soundtrack, and a track “E.Y.O.B.” from the Oh Blessed Freak Show LP. “Fox on the Run” is one of my all-time favorite songs, and when I first heard the Nip Drivers’ version on the aforementioned soundtrack I was blown away. The vocal delivery is much looser, belligerent, and rife with teenage ‘tude that’s backed with solid playing from the rest of the band. “E.Y.O.B.” is along the same lines, but with vocals from Janus Jones. The song is wound up and frantic with a quick stop/go structure. I’m a little surprised this wasn’t backed with their cover of Olivia Newton John’s “Have You Ever Been Mellow” (which is fuggin’ awesome!). –Matt Average (Slope,