NINER NINER: Destructo: LP

Sep 16, 2021

For the ten or twenty of you out there who liked The Joykiller as I did, you’re gonna dig this cool slab of rock. We’re talking about catchy songs that infuse punk rock attitude and lyrics into a less punk, more rock’n’roll sort of format, but also still punk, if that makes any sense (it does and doesn’t, I know). The lead vocals have the flair of two Jacks: the aforementioned Mr. Grisham, but also Mr. Dalrymple (look it up if you must). That’s not to say that this record is quite up to the level of either Jack’s output, but that would be asking too much. It’s a solid effort; an enjoyable spin and not a style you run across every day. –Chad Williams (Killer Kern,

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