NIGHTWAY: Self-titled: CS

Nov 20, 2023

While a four-song cassette EP of synth-driven, crooning pop songs is far from my preferred genre, there are some undeniably solid moments here. I usually have a hard time taking this stuff seriously; the album opener, “Wolfie’s Just Fine,” sounds like something the prom band in an ’80s romcom would play. But then there’s this stanza in “Evaporate”: “Is this real / Or is it a dream? / I’m so fucking sick of this quarantine / Slap my face / To feel something / Even out the pain,” and it’s delivered with such wrenching, deadpan sincerity that it that goes a long way toward redeeming all the silly chime-heavy keyboard noodling. Mixed bag for sure, but when they’re on, they’re on. –Keith Rosson (Dead Broke)

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