Sep 16, 2021

The second album from this French quartet finds the band expertly plowing the same furrow of catchy punk rock that is invigorating despite a gloominess to the sound. It’s a sort of cross between Crusades, Low Culture, and The Marked Men, which means I like this a lot. The crisp, brisk drumming, the frantic six string action, and the short, sweet leads peppered in the songs are the elements which bring to mind the aforementioned bands. Common Crusades contains some excellent tracks with my favorite being “G. Kepel, President Whisperer,” a fast-paced effort that bristles with electricity like a downed power line. It’s a well-trodden formula. If it works then there’s no reason to change it. The band is clearly accomplished at doing what it does, so I’m happy for them to crack on like this. –Rich Cocksedge (Lövely,

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