NIGHTMEN: Fifteen Minutes of Pain: CD

Sep 22, 2016

Nightmen are a Swedish punk rock’n’roll group, featuring members of YAST and Terrible Feelings. Unlike other bands of their ilk, Nightmen boast three singers. However, none of the singers stand out and there’s a glaring lack of variety. The power chord ragers like “I Don’t Give a Damn” and “Habits” evoke The Penetrators, while the power pop, pogo-inducing tunes like “Hot Days” and “Beach Party” sound like M.O.T.O. B sides. But the twelve songs blur together after the umpteenth snotty chorus and wailing solo. Although Nightmen are the type of band I’d kill to see in a basement with a heard of sweaty punks, the CD overstayed its welcome pretty quickly. –Sean Arenas (Lövely,