NIGHTFEEDER: Cut All of Your Face Off: LP

Mar 10, 2023

While I dig some d-beat, I find much more of it to be pretty unoriginal, repetitive and boring. This is primarily due to the dearth of great songwriting. Anyone can play fast, write derivative riffs and scream some dark, “fuck everything” lyrics over the top of it. Once a decade, it seems, a group can actually transcend the confines of the genre and write epic, memorable songs while losing none of the bleak aggression of the originators. Tragedy is the gold standard of all of this, and Nightfeeder is the first band to come close to that greatness since. Massive guitar sound, banging riffs, ripping drums, and—crucially—dynamics. This is not some one-trick-pony scenario. Tempos vary, solos are interjected, hooks are discernible and still, heaviness and darkness permeate it all. If you’re picky about your brutality, this is the beating to take. Repeatedly. –Chad Williams (Self-released,

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