NIGHT SHOP: Night Forever: LP

May 24, 2022

While most in the room might recognize Night Shop mastermind Justin Sullivan as the mop top human metronome from The Ringers, he’s been a busy bee since those days. With the first release from this project dating back to 2018, Night Shop (yep, named after the best fuckin’ Fugazi song) finds him writing as well as tackling vocals, guitar, and what ever else might need to be done. It’s funny how an artist’s “prime” can change as you change. And Night Shop’s music reminds me of records I had no context for when I was younger, but I find myself engaging with in a whole new way now. Reigning Sound’s Break Up… Break Down anyone? Aging punks figuring out what it even means to be an aging punk. And at its core what will immortalize Night Shop in a endless sea of indie musicians making palatable yet forgettable indie rock is that Sullivan is a real deal DIY punk who grinded his fuckin’ teeth and broke a hundred thousand drums sticks playing an endless slog of DIY tours all over the world. And the shared experience is relatable in the writing with lyrics that feel like he truly loves to write, creating a space that is infectious and inspiring. I mean, I enjoyed it so much it moved me to write this review. To listen to a guy I met in a bathroom line at a house show in 2010 sing his dream is the warm, fulfilling feeling that keeps me coming around. Chock this one up as a point for the good guys. –Daryl (Dangerbird)