NIGHT COURT: Nervous Birds! One: CS

Jan 21, 2022

I am old as dirt, so when I hear the term “night court” I immediately picture the ’80s sitcom and hear its funky bass-heavy theme song echo through my brain parts. In this case, however, Night Court is a new Vancouver BC-based band featuring members of other excellent groups such as Autogramm and Pet Blessings. This immediately grabbed me with its Jeff Burke meets Todd Congelliere feel. I can’t think of a cooler combo, yet Night Court is no copy job. It just has that essence, if that makes any sense. Kind of indie rock-ish at times, catchy yet dripping, with feedback in all the right places. I smile ear to ear every time I listen to this, and these days you need to hold on to the smile makers. I sure hope the title alludes to a Nervous Birds! Two. Vancouver keeps brining the A-game! –Ty Stranglehold (Debt Offensive,