Jul 21, 2023

These songs have the feel of being rough sketches of songs that would never go on to actually be recorded. Like a well done practice recording of a band that was too good for this world and due to the eccentric nature of the members, the band imploded before they could make it into a studio or even finish writing the album. But this is a current band! That released this album! And it’s great! Unconventional, bouncy, strange songs tied together with amp buzz and a light-hearted spirit that’s usually crushed by the enormous task of writing and recording a full-length. All whimsy, no fatigue, what a concept! Stylistically, they would fit well on a bill with Martha, Steve Adamyk Band, or Precious Child-era Dead Dog, but don’t actually sound like any of those bands. If you’re baffled by all this, you’re probably feeling exactly how this record makes me feel! But like Night Court fuzzily says: “You’re the one with opposable thumbs.” Figure it out for yourself. –Daryl (Debt Offensive / Snappy Little Numbers)

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