NIGHT BIRDS: Roll Credits: LP

Sep 17, 2018

I have been reviewing Night Birds records since I got my first one in 2011 and they quickly became one of my favorite bands ever. That’s right, I said “ever.” I love thousands of bands in this wide world, but these rippers from New Jersey really do it for me. That said, I often feel like I might sound like a broken record when I gush about their records. I plead “no contest,” your honor. This new “mini-album” is their first after a bit of a hiatus, but they haven’t slowed down in the least—surf-tinged, genre-themed punk rock that is incredibly well put together. The record begins and ends with the instrumentals they have become known for and packed between are some of their best songs to date (like I said, I am a broken record). Original guitarist Mike Hunchback is back in the fold slinging git right alongside his successor PJ Russo, resulting in a huge sound. I look forward to seeing them live in their new, five-piece format. I also have to mention the work that went into the design of this album. I am reviewing the LP version of the album, but there was also a limited edition box set that includes four 7”s (of course I bought both versions… I am “that guy” about this band!). The band tapped eight of their talented artist friends to create a cover for each song. The LP cover collects all of the 7” covers together much like a Killed By Death compilation. I dig the concept and it all looks amazing. I also have it on good authority that nothing is to be read into the title of the record. Night Birds aren’t calling it a day any time soon, and that is something I am thankful for. If for some reason you aren’t familiar with the band, I am a little shocked but mostly excited, as you have a lot of fun catching up to do. –Ty Stranglehold (Fat)