NICKI TEDESCO: Sick as Freak: CD

Jan 30, 2019

Nicki Tedesco is a veteran of the L.A. punk rock scene, most notably as the lyricist and bassist of Frantic Ginger. After years spent honing her bass skills, writing songs, and recording with bands, Nicki stepped out to make a solo album with a harder sound inspired by her favorite rock bands of the nineties. Her feminine, wailing vocals juxtapose grungy dirges with support from Alex Guadagnoli on guitar and drums. Nicki champions young women to write their own songs and form their own bands; she also self-funds all her projects by giving bass lessons and posting gear review videos to Patreon and YouTube. Check out her channel and join her community of 3,000 subscribers to support this local DIY professional. –Michelle Kirk (The Strands L.A., [email protected],