NEW VOGUE: Self-titled: CS

Jul 25, 2018

New vogues and new bands. In addition to Priors, Montreal’s Sonic Avenues have spawned yet another offshoot with the current offering in question. From the strum of the first chord, fans of Max’s and Chance’s previous records will find it instantly recognizable. Take that with a grain of salt though, since these tracks do not sit still for long. The songs are upbeat and punchy, but lean on a post-punk vibe and rawness that can’t be ignored. “Stripped Down Animals” is the major thumper here. Most of the songs fall between the lines of Memphis garage punk, with a touch of Devo, and maybe some UK DIY à la Television Personalities. It’s also mastered by Mikey Young, to boot. These are likely long gone already, but if you missed a copy, it’s a good teaser for exciting things on the horizon. –Steve Adamyk (Self-released,


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