Feb 06, 2020

I recently dabbled in podcasting with Halfway to Sanity, a fourteen-episode podcast in which three friends and I went through each of the studio albums by the Ramones, comparing our unconventional opinions and engaging in Ramones banter. When we got to Animal Boy, I was sad that it wasn’t as great as I remembered. I still love half of its songs, but there are three others that are just okay, as well as three more that are painfully bad. New Rochelles continues the tradition of covering entire Ramones albums with their rendition of Animal Boy. It’s a terrifically faithful re-creation where the great songs remain great and the lame tracks remain lame. I’d rather listen to originals from New Rochelles than these covers, but this is one of the better full Ramones cover records to date, which is not a small feat, given the competition. Recommended both for the Ramones obsessive in your life and for fans of New Rochelles, it’s a ton of fun. –Art Ettinger (Hey Pizza!,